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KC (The Oreo Hatter)
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United States
:happybounce:~"Howdy one, Howdy all! Welcome to my Weird and Mad Wonderland!"~:happybounce:
What's up guys, my name is KC, at least that's what I tell everyone. ^^; I'm really indifferent to what names you guys call me, because I have a hundred nicknames at this point from a bunch of different people, so call me what you feel comfortable with, ok? ^^
Idk what brought you by, but I hope you're not disappointed by the visit and I hope we can even be friends. Thanks for stopping by. ;P


WARNING: I don't submit anything to ANY other website, nor do I plan to at any point anytime soon, so if my art is anywhere but this page, then it ain't me and it's a more than likely a troll/art thief.


:star: Current Contests :star:

BIG Art Contest!!!Hello Everyone!
Yes, i'm finally back with another Contest!
But before i get into it, i will begin with the rules first!
If you want to Participate, these are the things, you need to do first, in order to join!
You must:
-Watch me!
-Make a Journal about this!
-Comment with the Link to your Journal!

And That's it!
Other Important Rules!:
-NO (Major) Violence in drawings!
-NO +18 Stuff please!
-Gore is allowed, but ONLY a small bit of it.
If you read the rules, post ''IA'' in your comment!
Next is the Task!
You have to draw my OC Lola!
(She is a Goddess/Deity btw)

It can be either with your OC/OC's or without them!
Heck, it can even be traditional or Digital!
However it should be a Fullbody Drawing though!
( If you want/need a clear version of this Drawing of her, note me please! ^^ )
Anyway to the Prizes!
(Sorry, i don't have many points atm. But! I can offer you many free Art!)
(For more infos on what you can expect of my art,
by :icongalaxy-zone:
DEADLINE: February 24th, 2017

Contest time! Win money and/or ArtAloah everybody! Sonic Waving Emoticon 
Yush, me and Hedgehog-Night have though about this to do a contest!
the theme will be really easy. draw our ocs together. simple right?
The characters
Information about their personalitys are in the descriptions. if you have any question dont be afraid to ask
Knight The Hedgehog

you dont have to Draw Knight in his armor or with the sword btw!
Night the Hedgehog

The Theme
have your own mind about it. let them cuddle, let them play, let them have fun, just beeing there or careing for eachother. you will made the theme! christmas? why not! halloween? sure! just a normal day on a couch? every idea is open!
Do whatever you like ... you can do whatever you want as long you have fun too ;D
but also we have some rules.. not hard ones.
:bulletorange: it DONT
by :iconhedgehog-night: & :icondust-hedgehog:
DEADLINE: February 28th, 2017

Ragga Sonic Contest!
To end off the year, I'm holding the last contest of this year!
The goal: Just draw Ragga Sonic!  (The ring is optional. c: ) The design is based on a form of music called raggacore, so remember that. Please read his bio before you enter.
Bullet; White A free request
Bullet; Black A free adoptable of your choice
Bullet; Red A feature in my group, Sonic-Saviors
Bullet; Red A custom adopt, including my species:  
Bullet; Green A pagedoll (Non-animated)
Bullet; Yellow An icon
1. Red-The-Mink 
2. SapphieAmthystHedgie 
3. AGlassOfBuizel 
by :iconsweaterhedgie:
DEADLINE: February 28th, 2017

65$/5,200 Points Contest (OPEN)Hello everyone, This is the last part of my 170$/13,800 points Contest!! There are 65$ or 5,200 points to win, everyone is free to join !!
My Other Contest
It's not necessary, but you may create a journal/poll/status updates who talk about the contest. I just want a lot of people who will participate !! :3
You have to draw one of these characters or even the three ones as one pic or in individual pic
Haromi/Oromi, The Ninja of Shadows

This is a quick sketch I made for the character, the left one is when he's a boy (his original body) the second one is when he's a girl (he's not a transexual, he can really change his gender at will).
by :icondark4kuran:
DEADLINE: March 1st, 2017

Sniveste Contest! (15 entries) 1 month leftIMPORTANT UPDATE-
I'm sorry guys, I'm really sorry, but I don't make this choice lightly. I am in a very bad place mentally and I'm trying to get myself together. One thing adding to that weight is this contest. I'm going to extend it a while until I am in a healthier place. Then I will address it, it's entries, and the end date. For now though, please understand, for my own health I need to not worry about this. In advance, thank you for understanding I hope

After much deliberation I have decided to go ahead with a new contest as my owed artwork is almost down to nothing and I'll be able to afford some work slots for contest prizes!
Many people have been asking if its okay to submit comics, animations, multiple entries that tie in together and YES those are all allowed. If it is an artistic medium I will allow it! I
by :iconkissthethunder:
DEADLINE: March 1st, 2017

Character Design Contest: Open!Contest:

~ • All you have to do is create a male sonic character • ~

Due Date: March 1st
Winners will be chosen based on originality, creativity, and character design! They will not at all be judged on art style alone.
-Bases are allowed
-Digital is preferred, but traditional is fine as well
-You can make as many entries as you want
-Nothing NSFW/18+
-Contest can be extended up to 2 times 


What I'm looking for:

Spunky characters, insane characters, or bad@$$ characters. Or a mix of all 3!
Accessories I'd love to see:
-surgical masks or racing goggles 
-High tops/boots
-Vests or hoodies
-Head phones 
Animals I like: 
-Red pandas
-Horned animals (goats, bulls, etc) 
Any land mammals are fine, but hedgehogs/cats/echi
by :iconrachels-rain:
DEADLINE: March 1st, 2017

New contest!Deadline is March 1st
So I am gonna make a new contest. It was suggested by Rachels-Rain that sinceme and Tails.exe are being shipped, I should do a contest on these cuties.
Making a .exe body ref sheet.
1st place will get 600 points and shaded half body of your character.
2nd place will get 200 points and a shaded head shot of your character.
3rd place gets 50 points and 2 sketched bust shots.
How to join:
Post a golden-heart
Post a journal to spread the word. It would be nice to have more contestants!
by :iconglassjackal:
DEADLINE: March 1st, 2017

All you gotta do... is draw Hope!!

You can draw her however you want! Sonic, furry, hooman...
shes of Hispanic orientations, so that should give you an idea of her skin tone LOL
Anything else is fine?? Just dont flat out draw her getting boned and we are a-ok. I love gore so i mean. Go ahead with that :3c
OH. Also no literature or fan fictions. Unless it like, goes with your art piece.
Sketches are fine, lineart is fine, full colors are fine!
This contest is about your creativity and artistic abilities.
$50 or 4000:points:
One full color by me
One sketch by me
$30 or 2000:points:
One full color by me
One full color. By me. Nya
March 15th, unless stated otherwise.
by :iconregkitty:
DEADLINE: March 15th, 2017

Springtime of Love Contest!!!! Spread The Word!!!!Rules: Create art of my three main oc's with their ships in the Spirit the Hedgehog Story Arc, it can be romantic setting, rescuing them from evil, or both fighting together against their enemies, you name it
First Place: 1,500 points
Second Place: 1,000 points
Third Place: 500 points
Fourth Place: 300 points
Honorable Mentions: 50 points
Contest Ends: April 1st ((Contest may extend if needed))
 by :iconaqua-the-kitty:
 by :iconstrike-the-d-n-s-l:
by :icontriple84e:
DEADLINE: April 1st, 2017

500 Watchers Contest :OPEN:

:new: Deadline has been extended to April 2nd!
:new: Added Luna's Gijinka Ref

THEME: Draw my bab Luna

CONTEST RULES: No bases! No Recoloring! Must be original work!

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Digital and Traditional mediums are accepted. Busts, half bodies, thigh up, and full body drawings accepted; the more of the body you draw, the more likely you are to win. Only 1 entry per person.
HOW TO ENTER: Just leave a comment below this journal. Also, it would be nice to spread this around.
DEADLINE: April 2nd
Prizes:  1 Complete Fullbody Drawing w/ Complex background (Single Character),  1 Complete Chibi w/ Simple Background (2 Character max), and   1 ID/Icon

Judges: :iconwhitestar-lightning: :iconSk
by :iconskullzart:
DEADLINE: April 2nd, 2017

All Aboard The Purple Hedgehog Train - CONTEST!!OPEN!!
End date: Monday, April 10th 2017
All Aboard The Purple Hedgehog Train Rules:
- HAS to be a purple hedgehog [spectrum if you are unsure]
- Any gender is okay
- Can be your own fc, or someone else's WITH PERMISSION
- Please no gore or sexual themes [I am not a fan of either]
- Can be traditional or digital
- The more detail the more chance of winning [shading/background etc]
- No bases
Don't be discouraged by your level of talent, everyone is welcome to join
I do not judge by who's better and who's not, I judge by imagination - how much effort you have put into it
:star:Can enter up to 3 times:star:
:star:Entries can have multiple purple hedgehog's in them if you wish:star:
x --------------------------------------------------------- x
x --------------------------------------------------------- x
:star: FIRST PLACE :star:
2,000 :points: / $20
by :iconnubliinq:
DEADLINE: April 10th, 2017

MOON'S RE-DESIGN CONTEST! *WIN POINTS OR CASH*Like the title says, I am hosting a contest. 
All you have to do is redesign Moon completely! Her current outfit/design is old and outdated, come up with something for her!
Here is Moon's current design:

Here are the rules!
1. You MUST keep her current colors. For example, she MUST keep her grey fur and her skin tone. Her eye color can be changed, and her color scheme with the blues can be changed somewhat.
2. Her hair MUST remain curly, it's one of my favorite traits of her, so please keep her hair curly and fluffy.
3. Moon has a certain personality, please keep that in mind when designing a new outfit. 
4. You may submit as many designs as you would like, but remember, I'm choosing the winner based on design, not for the number of entires.
5. PLEASE keep her clothing appropriate, she may be a very vulgar girl, but she also likes to cover up. 
6. Keep in mind that Moon in VERY short, and she can't wear certain things due to her heigh
by :iconbluumoon:
DEADLINE: April 14th, 2017

Couple contest! EXTENDED...again (3 entries):new: 24/2/2017 with it ending in 4 days time and only 3 entries I asked you guys what should happen, the first votes to come through asked for an extension.
The new deadline is the 30th April 2017 LAST EXTENSION
Prizes will increase as and if I am able to add on only probably by a few hundred points.
:new: Kaito's design has been updated but we will not hold it against you if you drew his old design!
:new: 01/01/2017: I didn't want to have to but it looks like I will be extending the contest.
The new deadline is 28th February 2017

I really wanted to do a contest for art of these dorks.

Especially how they've been together just over 2 years! Yes I keep track XD
Keyara (c) :iconKeyaraHedgehog09:
Bloodshed/Kaito (c) :iconMetroZer00:
:iconKeyaraHedgehog09: :iconMetroZer00:
We both adore our dorky hedgies so make sure to credit both of us for our dorklings.
The contest is to draw these two dorks spending quality t
by :iconkeyarahedgehog09: & :iconmetrozer00:
DEADLINE: April 30th, 2017

[Contest]May 14th 2017 + more prizesHello everyone!
I've been deciding for awhile to open my first contest but for now without points.
Okay! So all you have to do is draw my Ocs!
You can draw them just in general or doing something that corresponding with the season! (Autumn/Winter/Valentines/Easter)
We will be grading on Originality and Effort
You can submit more than 1 entry 
You can draw my Oc with your Oc (as friends only)You may draw my Oc with their lover (optional)All type of art are accepted (Traditional, Digital, MMD, etc)
you must Share this journal via poll/journal/status update 
You don't have to be a watcher You may NOT use a base or recolor other art, I wish to see your original art please
You may NOT draw them doing <
by :iconangelthefiredemon:
DEADLINE: May 14th, 2017


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