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Dec 7, 2016
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Should I do a Christmas Request Stream? (Probably bust sketch and Lineart) 

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I'm just KC ^^
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
:happybounce:~"Howdy one, Howdy all! Welcome to my Weird and Mad Wonderland!"~:happybounce:
What's up guys, my name is KC, at least that's what I tell everyone. ^^; I'm really indifferent to what names you guys call me, because I have a hundred nicknames at this point from a bunch of different people, so call me what you feel comfortable with, ok? ^^
Idk what brought you by, but I hope you're not disappointed by the visit and I hope we can even be friends. Thanks for stopping by. ;P

My super cool and awesome sharp-shooting girlfriend - :heart::icongamingcritter::heart:

:iconavaproduction:'s calling me cute counter: 189 ("For the love of god, don't do this to me like her, I'm not cute goddammit." >:V )

:star: Current Contests :star:

FALL CONTEST Ends Dec 18th 2 weeks leftHello everyone! ^^
There have been some updates to the contest since people have asked for more time!
So I thought it might be fun and inspiring to include a new theme with this as well.
Good luck to everyone! :3
The Contest will be ending on the 18th of December at midnight.
The Themes you can choose from are
   Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween or Winter/Christmas!
I hope you guys can get super creative with those types of themes :3
so I guess its a good thing that me and my bf have's in November along with these other holidays. XD 
Reference's ~ ( I would love it if you guys used the Fall outfits and the Halloween outfits for this theme but if you have other outfits or Halloween costumes in mind that you think would look good on our characters then please go ahead! I would love to see what you guys come up with ^^ )
by :iconcuteytcat:
DEADLINE: December 18th, 2016

NEW CONTEST!!!So I decided to do another contest! This one is a drawing one (of course) and here are the rules! <3
You cannot use a base or recolor!
Don't make anything inappropriate!
Don't beg to be the winner!
You can enter more than once!
After I get more than 15 entries, the prizes will boost up!!!! 
(psst. share this contest so more people might enter)
Here are the prizes:
-1st place winner-
One full drawing and one Sonic X recolor + speed paint (1 character max)
-2nd place winner-
One headshot and sketch (1 character max)
-3rd place winner-
One sketch (1 character max)

To enter you have to submit a drawing with one of the following ocs!
(for the ponies, note me for their cutie marks!)
by :iconlunardoll:
DEADLINE: December 25th, 2016

It's simple, you just have to redesign Misteria.
I want to give her a new design which shows off her character a lot more. She's a Robotic Engineer with electrokinesis but she doesn't look like it at all.
This is her current design

I have added more info to the bio which should hopefully help anyone if they were struggling with ideas!
I'm looking to get her mostly redesigned, but there are some features I want to remain if at all possible:
- Her species. If she gets her species redesigned, it'll mean that Jacob, Alaica, Ali, Nathaniel, Roxanne and maybe even Chess would need to get their species changed as well.
- Her height. She's supposed to be really short compared to everyone else.
- Blue eye(s). They're a key feature of her and I don't want that to ever go.
Aside from that, you can do anything with her design.
Since she's a half-demon, she'll have a demon form and demon mark. Could her mark be m
by :iconmadametoaster:
DEADLINE: New Year's Eve

Couple contest!I really wanted to do a contest for art of these dorks.

Especially how they've been together just over 2 years! Yes I keep track XD
Keyara (c) :iconKeyaraHedgehog09:
Bloodshed/Kaito (c) :iconMetroZer00:
:iconKeyaraHedgehog09: :iconMetroZer00:
We both adore our dorky hedgies so make sure to credit both of us for our dorklings.
The contest is to draw these two dorks spending quality time together
Deadline: 01/01/2017
Example for art prizes:

1st: 800 :points: and Full body drawing
2nd: 400 :points: and Half body drawing
3rd: 300 :points: and Bust shot drawing
Violet-orb You don't need to ask to join :DarkRed-orb: 
Violet-orb You can m
by :iconkeyarahedgehog09: & :iconmetrozer00:
DEADLINE: January 1st, 2017

500 Watchers Contest :OPEN:

:new: Added Luna's Gijinka Ref

THEME: Draw my bab Luna

CONTEST RULES: No bases! No Recoloring! Must be original work!

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Digital and Traditional mediums are accepted. Busts, half bodies, thigh up, and full body drawings accepted; the more of the body you draw, the more likely you are to win. Only 1 entry per person.
HOW TO ENTER: Just leave a comment below this journal. Also, it would be nice to spread this around.
DEADLINE: January 1st
Prizes:  1 Complete Fullbody Drawing w/ Complex background (Single Character),  1 Complete Chibi w/ Simple Background (2 Character max), and  1 Meme face

by :iconskullzart:
DEADLINE: January 1st, 2017

CONTEST (prize update):iconletter-cplz: :iconletter-oplz: :iconletter-nplz: :iconletter-tplz: :iconletter-eplz: :iconletter-splz: :iconletter-tplz:
Hi guys! :dummy:
I decided it was about high time I hosted my own contest, and since it's being held in November-December some winter and x-mas related themes should be in order. 
What characters do I want to see? I'm gonna give you a large selection and say; Any official Sonic character :D
There will be no less than four different themes to choose between. I want you to pick one of these themes and create your own fun and creative interpretation of it.
 - Mistletoe Mishaps
 - Snowball Fight
 - Snowman
 - Gift-wrapping 
:bulletgreen: Everyone who wants to participate must make a journal with a link to this journal. I also want to encourage people who are not participating to help spread the word about it.
:bulletgreen: Your entry must be fully colored (background is appreciated but not required).
by :iconrawn89:
DEADLINE: January 1st, 2017

Kaleo x Angelia Contest!! 200 $ - 1 MONTH:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
[Heart] [Heart] [Heart]
SO HERE WE ARE AGAIN AS ANOTHER CONTEST TAKES PLACE Because I'm a bit of a crazy person and I love contests
[Star!] Theme [Star!]
The Title says it all!! It. is. the ship. of. Angelia and Kaleo, the otp ;v;

I want to see different interpretations of their relationship, whether it be DEEP or humorous, this relationship is very flexible and fun, so I'm all for it! ;v;
[Star!][Star!][Star!] DEADLINE [Star!][Star!][Star!]
January 15th, 2017
[Star!] Things to Know/What Will help you Win~ [Star!]
-Angelia's personality- reserved, to herself, sarcastic, shy, rarely ever smiles (except with Kaleo...
by :iconblossom-fur7:
DEADLINE: January 15th, 2017

CONTEST TIME! - Who's the silliest?- 2 months left
So, the theme for this contest is drawing any of my characters!

Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U My charactersSpinning Bone Bullet - F2U

Rexo the hedgehog by GreenDogBARKZMy old children #1 by GreenDogBARKZRobert Smith by GreenDogBARKZWalter Archibald by GreenDogBARKZKing Heartless by GreenDogBARKZMercias the macaw by GreenDogBARKZ
Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U RulesSpinning Bone Bullet - F2U
Here are some of the rules you must follow to be in this contest! please read carefully
by :icongreendogbarkz:
DEADLINE: January 16th, 2017

Around the World ContestIt's time for that Contest!:D
This Contest Features Sonic characters Traveling around the Real world to A Place with Sightseeing, Exotic Food & Clothing.=3 There will be some Twists a bit.
Theme: Pick 3 Characters you like to use and Create a pic of them at an Exotic Place they be in. Include them either Wearing something Exotic in that place, Eating something Exotic, or With A breathtaking view, Or All if you want.^^
Example: My characters Vanessa, Lily, & Sophie in China Trying on Exotic Clothing and enjoying some Interesting food.
Here's the Catch: You can use Any Sonic character you like EXCEPT the Following:
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow.
Fan Characters
Why? It just feels they get picked mostly Often. Challenge yourself with other Characters you might not have used or done.^^
1. At least one Character must be a Guy or Girl. (2 guys & 1 Girl OR 2 Girls & 1 Guy)
2. Back
by :icondarksonic250:
DEADLINE: February 3rd, 2017

contest win 50euro and artshello everybody Hi!
my friend Dust-Hedgehog and me decided to do a contest
What do you have to do?

It's easy.. just draw our OCs Night and Knight.
you can do whatever you want as long you have fun too ;D
the Characters

Knight the Hedgehog

(you don't have to draw his armor or his sword)
Night the Hedgehog


Bullet; Orange you DON'T need to do a background
Bullet; Red please no unfinished art (WIPs)
Bullet; Red No tracing!
Bullet; Red No re-colors!

Bullet; Green 1th place Bullet; Green
1 Fullbody full colored from :iconhedgehog-night:
1 Half body Full colored from :icondust-hedgehog:
example ni
by :iconhedgehog-night: & :icondust-hedgehog:
DEADLINE: February 28th, 2017

65$/5,200 Points Contest (OPEN)Hello everyone, This is the last part of my 170$/13,800 points Contest!! There are 65$ or 5,200 points to win, everyone is free to join !!
My Other Contest
It's not necessary, but you may create a journal/poll/status updates who talk about the contest. I just want a lot of people who will participate !! :3
You have to draw one of these characters or even the three ones as one pic or in individual pic
Haromi/Oromi, The Ninja of Shadows

This is a quick sketch I made for the character, the left one is when he's a boy (his original body) the second one is when he's a girl (he's not a transexual, he can really change his gender at will).
by :icondark4kuran:
DEADLINE: March 1st, 2017

Sniveste Contest! (12 entries)
After much deliberation I have decided to go ahead with a new contest as my owed artwork is almost down to nothing and I'll be able to afford some work slots for contest prizes!
Many people have been asking if its okay to submit comics, animations, multiple entries that tie in together and YES those are all allowed. If it is an artistic medium I will allow it! I also allow people to collaborate on entries BUT if they place they need to work out for themselves the distribution of prizes!
First Prize Winner PRIZESFirst Prize Winner 
More Prizes may be added if interest in the contest is large enough, might even involve a monetary prize!
by :iconkissthethunder:
DEADLINE: March 1st, 2017

Draw my characters contest! Due April 1stOOPS ANOTHER CONTEST--I'm sorry :'D 
But it's a very simple contest! 
Orb-teal✕ All you gatta do is draw any character of mine! ✕ Orb-teal 

This means you can draw any one of my sonic characters, humans, or anthros! Heart
Those who will be judging:

We will be judging based on creativity, detail, originality, and how well you captured their personalities~
I would love art of characters who haven't been drawn much ;v; 
You may have to look in the deep, dark part of my gallery no one ever sees! 

-You can draw ANY character in my gallery! As long as they belong to me, you may draw th
by :iconrachels-rain:
DEADLINE: April 1st, 2017

Been thinking of a contest for Dawn now :u 
 She needs a boyfriend :lovesquee: 
So I'm going to be holding a contest! 
You can use an oc you already have or make a new one;
whichever you think would best fit with her <3
Pixel gemstones - Amethyst 
The contest: 
Draw Dawn and your oc doing something! 
it could be kyoot, or something like a date! 
When you upload your entry please describe the OC you are entering and why you believe they should be together :3
:heart: revamp :heart: revamp :heart: revamp 
I will judge the entries based on Oc appearance and personality!!!
This is where your design skills are really gonna show how they shine! 
-Do th
by :iconemeraldkamala:


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